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Terms and Conditions

  1. For hygiene reasons, outdoor shoes are not permitted on the poolside. Please adhere to this rule.
  2. For health and safety reasons, please make sure that your child hasn’t eaten anything for at least 2 hours prior of his/her lesson. We need to respect the other clubs using the pool. If your child accidently vomits inside the water, you, the parent, will be liable for any payment requested.
  3. For the welfare of your child, please make sure that your child or any other younger children are with you at all times. Children should arrive 10 minutes before the start of their lesson.
  4. Pupils and parents are advised not to bring valuables into the sports club. The management of the school cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or loss of personal property.
  5. In the interests of health and safety parents are not permitted onto the poolside, except where specific sessions require the attendance of a parent/guardian.
  6. Pupils currently in the swimming programme will have priority on re-booking for subsequent courses.
  7. In the event or circumstances beyond our control lessons may be rescheduled or cancelled without prior notice.
  8. Refunds or extra lessons will not be given for non-attendance due to holidays, sickness etc...
  9. Where considered necessary the Club reserves the right to change the course details, i.e. day, time, course, instructors etc. without prior notice.
  10. Claims for refunds will not normally be considered. However, certain requests may have merit and the Proprietor will deal with these matters.
  11. Approximately 5 minutes per lesson will be allocated to the administration of registration and record of achievement for pupils.
  12. All places booked on the swim course must be paid for in advance and, therefore, bookings cannot be taken without prior payment.
  13. All photographs taken on film or digital camera (including mobile phones) and all sorts of moving pictures including video recordings (and video streaming) is prohibited in order to avoid potential sources of child abuse.

Published July 2017 (to be reviewed July 2019)