Land Training

Land Training / Land Conditioning Services

As a former International swimmer Vicky herself is only too aware first hand of the need to marry land training and land conditioning with training in the pool if you aspire to become a serious contender for titles at County, District or National levels of competition and above.

For the simple reason that you need to undertake and understand land training/conditioning to become more than just a club swimmer AMES UK Sport Club is happy to offer these services to those who desire it.

You will receive an initial consultation to discuss your needs and aspirations. Vicky will then devise a program that you can work on at home with the use of some basic, simple equipment.

If you are a member if a gym Vicky, with prior agreement of the management of your gym, can attend a session at your gym with you and devise a program tailored specifically to your needs for you to work through there taking into consideration the equipment they have available.

For the more mature, higher ability swimmer you will be introduced to the advantages of working with a Sport Psychologist if your aspirations really are top flight. (Most top flight athletes have access to a Sport Psychologist – see the Sport Psychology pages in our web site for an overview of what this can deliver.)

Your consultation times will be set on a week to week basis to suit your personal and training needs.

If you are interested in augmenting your swimming training with a land training regime please contact Vicky with your needs and we will be only too pleased to discuss what we can offer to suit your requirements.