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Current Term

Still in line with the guidance given by Swim England (which can be found here ) and having spoken to Woldingham School regarding their revised term times, we can announce that the Spring Term will run on the following dates and will be following the latest Covid19 guidance.

  • All Classes to start on Wednesday 11th January 2023
  • The term will end on Friday 31st March 2023

    Half term week is Monday 13th February to Sunday 19th February

Private lessons are also available at other times on request. Please call Vicky if this option suits you better.

The differing days and times of our lessons are detailed below.

Woldingham School
Wednesday: 6.00 – 6.30pm Swim England Stages 1 to 8
  6.30 – 7.00pm Swim England Adult classes
Friday: 6.30 – 7.00pm Swim England Stages 1 to 4
  7.00 – 7.30pm Swim England Stages 5 to 8
  7.30 – 8.00pm Swim England Stages 9 to 12 and children over 12 years old
(Fitness and Stamina class – non competition)
  7.30 – 8.30pm Adult classes (Beginners to Advanced)
All lessons are 30mins. Different classes and differing levels run at different times and in different lanes.

How to join:

1. Telephone or e-mail the AMES UK Swim School office.

2. A brief conversation with an experienced member of staff, giving as much details as possible about your child’s previous experience in the water.

3. An Application form will be sent (this can also be downloaded) along with a welcome letter, inviting your child along for an initial assessment.

4. The initial assessment will determine which group your child will be placed in. You will NOT be charged for the initial assessment.

Download, print and complete the application form (new members).
Download, complete and print the renewal form now (existing members).

Book now for the next term

All AMES UK teachers are qualified through the Swim England (previously known as ASA) and some of them hold additional lifeguarding qualifications. Vicky Panagiotidou was the Greek National Breaststroke Champion between 1993 and 1996. She is also a qualified Sport Psychologist holding a BSc(Hons) and an MSc in this field.

Our aim is for your child to enjoy being in the water, to gain confidence, to learn good stroke technique and to build up their stamina. We insist on discipline and respect for not only the staff but all other swimming members as well.

Your child will be booked on for the same class for next term. If you need to change the lesson day or time please contact Vicky by email or by phone immediately

You will need to pay for your child’s place in full to guarantee his/her place. If you turn up to lessons during the first week, without having booked or paid, you may find that there are no spaces available. Due to increasing demand for classes, confirmations and payments should be received ASAP.

The cost per term will depend on the number of weeks and lessons it includes. Please contact Vicky for more details.

A first comes first serve basis is applied, so the earlier your confirmation and payment is received the better.

FULL PAYMENT must be made to AMES UK SPORT CLUB – please let Vicky know if you would prefer to make a bank transfer. Instalments will be considered in exceptional circumstances and offered to families with more than 3 children.

If you want to send us a cheque, the address is:

AMES Swim School
91 Commonwealth Road

Please write your name or your child’s name in full (and class) on the back of the cheque. Please note that cheque payments will not be processed until just before course starts.

Important notice:

  1. Pupils currently in the swimming programme will have priority on re-booking for subsequent courses.
  2. In the interests of Health & Safety parents are NOT permitted onto the pool side, except where specific sessions require the attendance of a parent/guardian.
  3. In the event or circumstances beyond our control lessons may be rescheduled or cancelled without prior notice.
  4. Refunds or extra lessons will not be given for non-attendance due to holidays, sickness etc.
  5. Where considered necessary the Club reserves the right to change the course details, i.e. day, time, course, instructors etc. without prior notice.
  6. Claims for refunds will not normally be considered. However, certain requests may have merit and the Proprietor will deal with these matters.
  7. Approx. 5 minutes per lesson will be allocated to the administration of registration and record of achievement for pupils.
  8. All places booked on the swim course must be paid for in advance and, therefore, bookings cannot be taken without prior payment.
  9. All information entered on this form will be kept strictly confidential.
  10. For health and safety reasons, please make sure that your child hasn’t eaten anything for at least 2 hours prior of his/her lesson We need to respect the other clubs using the pool. If your child accidentality vomits inside the water, you will be liable for any payment requested by Woldingham Girls School.
  11. All photographs taken on film or digital camera including mobile phones) and all types of moving pictures including video recordings (and video streaming) is prohibited in line with Swim England’s Regulations and in order to avoid potential sources of child abuse.
  12. Swimmers need to arrive punctually. Late attendance may result in refusal of the lesson.

Child Protection Policy:

AMES UK Swim School staff have been checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in order to determine their suitability for working with children and vulnerable adults. The swim school follows all the procedures and guidelines produced by the Swim England regarding the Child Protection Act.

These guidelines cover:
Code of ethics
Good practice
Identifying any form of child abuse
Guidelines for use of photographic and filming children

Swim School Policy:

AMES UK Swim School requires all parents to accompany their children to and from the poolside. No filming and/or photographic equipment is allowed on the premises without prior permission. Children, parents and staff should show respect to all. No verbal abuse will be tolerated. All lessons must be paid for in full in advance. The Swim School does not take responsibility for any stolen and/or lost items.

Next Term

Unfortunately our “Crystal Ball” is broken and although we are expecting to now be running for the rest of the year, we’ve learned that we can’t make any firm plans for the future terms whilst Covid is still with us. As soon as we get confirmed dates we will let you know.

Thank you for your understanding.

Stay Strong and Stay Safe.