Our Absenteeism Policy (Catch-up Lessons)

AMES UK Swim School recognise the fact that every once in a while you will miss a swimming lesson through illness or some other unavoidable incident outside of your control.

It is not our policy to give monetary refunds in these circumstances however, if you do find yourself in this situation then please call Vicky immediately and prior to the allotted lesson date and time and we will try to arrange a lesson on an alternative day for you so that your misfortune is not compounded by also missing part of the course.

In the event of longer absences for more serious circumstances i.e. fractures or serious medical conditions that will prevent you or your child from swimming for a protracted period of time then again please call Vicky as soon as possible and we will discuss other possible options.

Absenteeism through personal choice is not recognised by AMES UK Sport Club as a valid reason to be offered alternative sessions or fee credits.

Swimmers who arrive more than 10min late will not be allowed in the water and no lessons will be offered as a catch up.

Published Feb 2021 (to be reviewed Sep 2021)