What our Customers Say About Us

“To my coach, Vicky. As you know, there were times I could have killed you during the lessons, and times I could have kissed you! But I don’t think anyone else could have helped me overcome my fear of water to such a degree or finally get me swimming.”
Sarah S. (July 2017)

“You have really helped Charlie improve his swimming and he has enjoyed your lessons immensely. Thank you for your help with my swimming too – I think I finally have the confidence to try and learn properly ?”
Corinna S. (July 2017)

“Luka has shown improvements at his swim and he knows that’s because of your sessions with him, many thanks! Replacing you will be impossible.”
Neven S. (July 2017)

“The coaches at the club are a breath of fresh air and even though they are strict, our children have progressed, improved and excelled due to the dedication of AMES staff.”
Sarah B. (June 2017)

“Lara has improved because of you. Thank you for your help.”
Bojana F. (July 2017)

“We have been associated with AMES sports club from past two years (moved to London in Feb 2014) starting with my elder son who loved water. He started learning swimming with good basics and more importantly with good discipline.

After few months, my husband who knows swimming a bit (without any professional coaching) joined the club to improve his breathing and few other aspects. I was pregnant when I joined my elder one for swimming and I always dreamed to learn swimming but couldn’t do so while I was in India. After my second kid’s delivery, I joined my younger one when he was 5.5 month old. He was very happy in water.

And finally, my turn came to join the classes and learning the basics. We, the family of four are associated with AMES club now. Vicky is a tough master and strict coach and her attitude makes us to learn with great confidence. I am a big fan of her positivism and her approach towards life. It’s sad to be moving out of London and missing her classes. And, I don’t forget her one liner “Push Yourself”.

In one sentence, Vicky is a beautiful lady with a kind heart. I recommend AMES sports club for everyone from babies to adults.”
With Love, Shabana & Zubair. (December 2015)

“My son has now been swimming with Vicky for a 4 years and not only has his swimming and more importantly his health improved he absolutely loves attending his class. There is a fantastic balance between learning and fun and it has made Luis grow in confidence but to understand the impotence of listening in order to improve and get better. My son was absolutely petrified of water and with the skills that Vicky has she did not allow him to give into this fear and now we cannot get him out if the water.I would recommend this club to anyone looking to have their child taught to swim or progress their swimming ability.”
Moira, 2013

“We have been coming to AMES for almost a year now. When we joined my eldest daughter was a confident swimmer and a member of her school swim squad. But we noticed although she was fast she tired easily. Since joining lessons with Vicky her stroke has greatly improved and her stamina is fantastic. My youngest daughter could not swim at all. But as she had the confidence she was taught very quickly by Vicky and Gemma and our Easter holiday was the first where we were able to totally relax in the knowledge that she was 100% safe and confident in the deep end of the pool. Which any parent will know is a huge relief. I would not have any hesitation in recommending AMES swim school or any of its teachers to perspective parents or children.”
Mrs Rebecca Webb, 2013

“I have been so impressed by Vicky’s passion and commitment to building the skills and stamina of the children attending her swim school. My daughter has grown in confidence and strength in the pool, and hopes to go on to take part in competitive swimming events. Thanks, Vicky, for all your support.”
Karen, 2013

“Our daughter has been swimming with Vicky since the early days of the swim school. She enjoys the friendly and welcoming environment and, under Vicky’s coaching, has developed into a highly proficient swimmer. Our daughter has an on-going knee problem. With her experience, Vicky has been able to work closely with us all to develop and maintain a training programme specific to our daughter’s needs, allowing her to continue swimming whilst monitoring her closely. We’re very happy that she swims with AMES.”
Jill (2013)

“Hi Vicky, I just wanted to say how impressed we have been with you and your teaching of Izzy. Izzy has really grown in confidence and we thank you for all your efforts and hard work.”
Many thanks, Sophie Young (July 2012)

“Dear Vicky, Just a brief email to let you know that both Ria and I had a great time at the gala last Sunday. Ria was totally chuffed to win a medal and I was so very happy for her. The event was very well organised and it was really great. Congratulations.”
Best Regards, Rebecca E Paulraj (March 2012)

“Hi Vicky, thank you for everything. We have enjoyed ourselves at the lessons and have come a long way. It’s just a shame that i didn’t find out about you guys earlier. Unfortunately, we have to immigrate…”
Best wishes, Ve-Jane and James (Adults’ class, Feb 2011)

“Hi Vicky, you do a fab job and you are so committed I am really happy with you. My child loves your lessons.”
Faye, Jan2011

“Dear Vicky, an enormous thank you to you and your staff for turning my screaming baby into not just a confident swimmer but a really good swimmer. I will never forget Josephs first term where he howled in my arms every week. You told me to trust you and try and ignore him and that’s what I did even though it was very hard at times. It was such a joy to see him finally jump in the water with a smile on his face.

The best news of all is that he has come on so well he has been picked for the school swim squad. I never would have imagined this happening. Thank you so much for everything. I’ve no doubt we will see you again as you will always be my option for any extra help he needs.”
Helen, Gareth and Joseph Baxter (October 2010)

“Dear Vicky, thank you for all your help. I had a lovely holiday with the grandchildren and enjoyed being in the pool with them. We are going swimming at least once a week. You don’t know what a difference you have helped me achieve. I will be eternally grateful. Thank you once again.”
Sue (September 2010)

“Hi Vicky, thank you so much for what you have given to Myisha. It has been great. Thank you for everything you have done to help her progress with her swimming.”
Clare Friend (September 2010)

“Hi Vicky I’d like to thank you for all your support and help with Jai. Its been really good for him and he’s come on really well under your guidance. I’d be more than happy to recommend your school.”
Hina & Ritesh Shah (Jan 2010)

“I have been telling one of my fellow colleague about the classes you run and how happy Maya, our daughter, is when we are there. We think you are doing a fab job and our daughter is very happy being in your group.”
Szilvia Fekete (Jan 2010)

“Victor really enjoys coming to your lessons and he is very excited every time his lesson take place. Thank you for your hard work and the support you provide to my son.”
Monika Morawska (December 2009)

“I am not sure where to begin. Ella had been with you for 4 years and the confidence you gave to her is incredible Vicky. How you run, the club is something else, even the staff you have do you proud. They are fully of positive energy. The Gala day is one to be remembered, what a high, what a day! And how we find you, shall be kept a secret… It is sad that we had to move, but please know that we will never forget you, in addition, what you have given Ella. She is 100% confident in the water and is not afraid to tackle anything, she feels free when in the water. You have given her the tools to be able to continue swimming knowing that what she has been taught could save her life. You are a great role model, someone that I fully respect. We wish you all the very best success in what you do and hope to visit you one day.”
Aquilla Fearon & Ella Fearon-Davis (Jul 2009)

“You as a club and Steve in particular have given our son, Tom, a fantastic start, thank you. Once again thank you for all you have done.”
Chris and Angela Leonard (Jul 2007)

“Thank you so much for all your efforts with Marcus. Since joining you he has much improved. Sometimes he gets scared but we really do appreciate and thank you for assuring him and giving him the confidence to go on.”
Mrs. K Paterson (Jul 2006)

“As I feel that my children have now got their confidence in the water and are doing quite well, we will not be returning in September. However, I would also like to say how happy I am with how well they both have done and I would be pleased to pass on AMES swimming club to anyone who is looking for a swimming school. Once again, thank you for all your help.”
Mrs Wood (Jul 2006)

“You are doing a marvellous job at the club!”
Mrs Cruickshank (Jul 2006)

“Oliver really enjoyed his swimming lessons – the facilities are great and the lessons are really fun. I feel that you made the parents feel confident in handling their babies in the water and that you were on hand if they got into an awkward position. Oliver really got something out of it and we were only sorry that it was cut short when he got a very bad cold.”
Rebecca (Jan 2006)

“Since my two daughters aged 5 and 6 joined the Swim school in October 05 their swimming abilities have improved dramatically. The instructor Vicky and her assistant are very approachable and have a very good manner with the children. My daughters enjoy swimming and look forward to each of their lessons each week. I would recommend any child to have lessons through this school.”
Tanya Hersey (Dec 2005)

“I can honestly say that I have been very happy with your teaching methods. There were times when I thought I would not be able to swim at all but you have given me the confidence to put my face in the water, and learn breaststroke only after 4 lessons! You are a brilliant teacher and I would highly recommend you to anyone who has a fear of getting into the water! You put your swimmers at great ease and you’re ability to converse with people of different backgrounds and different levels of swimming is tremendous.”
Rifat (Dec 2005)

“I think the swim school has been very good for Larise. She has gone from being terrified of the water and not wanting to attend to, in the past few weeks, looking forward to her lesson. She has improved her confidence and is very proud of her achievements. Now that she enjoys swimming I am sure that she will progress much more easily although I recognise that she still has a long way to go. Thanks.”
Margaret Murrell (Larise’s mum) (Dec 2005)

“There is only one word with regard to feedback “Fab”. Sophie is really happy doing lessons with you and I feel she is progressing very well. You are a great teacher and the lessons are very good value, plus you are lucky to have such a superb swimming pool to use. Best wishes.”
Frances Gibson (Dec 2005)

“ We are delighted at the progress that Hannah and Jake have made over the last 8 months. Although they have never been especially afraid of water, Hannah in particular has gained more confidence. Your interest in the children themselves and your delight in their achievements have made swim school a very rewarding experience for all of us. Your dedication to your pupils is amazing and very admirable. Thanks for everything.”
Mr and Mrs Sheldon (Dec 2005)

“ Before my son attended AMES UK swim school he was afraid to take his feet off the pool floor. After a few lessons, he has become a good swimmer and really enjoys his lessons. I think the method of teaching is excellent and I am very pleased with the results. Thanks.”
Amarah (Dec 2005)